Inspired by the music of the living legend David Bowie the entertainer Sven Ratzke creates his own, dazzling character: STARMAN

Sven Ratzke, the entertainer “extraordinaire” who's celebrated as a worldwide sensation gives now his own interpetation of the living legend David Bowie. Ratzke not just brings a David Bowie tribute, but creates an entirely new character with STARMAN. The weirdly mad and entertaining universe of Ratzke will merge with legendary Bowie universe into a grandiose music show.

In STARMAN we see an entertainer on stage who might come from another planet, like a “Baron Munchausen out of space”. Ratzke takes us on a crazy, incredibly entertaining journey from New York to Berlin.

He is accompanied by his brilliant three-man band. The music grooves from seventies glam rock into sound collages to intimate moments. This show is a starburst of cabaret and rock so prepare for a crazy, intimate, hilarious and rock'n roll ride.

  Image : Hanneke Wetzer

Image: Hanneke Wetzer