The weirdly mad and entertaining universe of Ratzke merges with the legendary Bowie universe to create the most grandiose example of cabaret.

In Starman, Ratzke presents a dazzling show inspired by the music of the legend that was David Bowie, wrapped up in a high energy to create an incredibly engaging and addictive performance.

Step back in time to the hyper-real world of seventies glam rock, where Ratzke will take on Bowie's multiple personas – a mad, bizarre, androgynous universe of incredible music and outrageous costumes.

Ratzke takes his audiences on an incredibly entertaining journey from New York to Berlin, while rediscovering Bowie's classic songs.

Described by The Advertiser as "unique, bizarre, ultra-extravagant in style and flavour, supremely talented and bitingly hilarious, Ratzke's performance will blow stardust in your eyes as he puts you under a Bowie spell."

Put on your red shoes and dance away the blues. Through one of the world's most celebrated cabaret stars, Bowie is coming back to life so, let's dance!

Image : Hanneke Wetzer

Image: Hanneke Wetzer