Silver Rain: Illuminated Opera

Silver Rain_Release Creative.jpeg

Silver Rain is an aurally and visually stunning piece of work which, celebrates modern operatic music and large scale projection art.

Watch on in awe as the visual wonder of large-scale projection spreads across iconic architecture with award-winning sisters and opera sensations, Kirilie and Ruth Blythman coming together to sing the music of Ricky Ian Gordon. With direction by Zac Tyler (Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Made in Adelaide - Edinburgh) and projection art by Michael Carmody (Malthouse Theatre, Black Swan State Theatre, Melbourne Theatre Company) this Australian work creates a truly immersive and evocative performance experience.

Silver Rain explores the junctions between individualism/ community, the urban/natural landscapes and linear/vertical time.

These juxtaposing themes are profoundly articulated in the words of famous American poets including Langston Hughes, Dorothy Parker and Emily Dickinson to which Gordon's music is set.

This work is the contemporary audience members answer to experiencing engaged and accessible classical music

Images Sarah Walker