Our Vision

Advocacy for the arts.


After growing up in the South Australian countryside, Australian based director/producer, Zac Tyler and European based soprano/producer Ruth Blythman founded Release Creative in 2013. Now in its fifth year of operation, Release Creative aims to:

1) NEW WORK Create new Australian multi-disciplinary work. 

2) SUSTAINABILITY Present existing work of a commercial nature with a high level of artistic integrity.

3) CONNECT COMMUNITIES Offer a platform for emerging artists to network, receive mentorship and test new ideas under the guidance of established industry professionals.


We believe that we have to create new artistic repertoire to contribute to a global society in transition. Release Creative's quest is give life to new ideas, reorganise one's imagination, educate and connect communities. Arts and culture is at the very heart of reinventing society.In creating new work which engages with and is presenting to the public we are fostering a more inclusive society. 

 In rehearsal at Melbourne's St Paul's Cathedral

In rehearsal at Melbourne's St Paul's Cathedral