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The Studio: 54 Reasons to Party in collaboration with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra   Image Credit:  Roy Vandervegt

The Studio: 54 Reasons to Party in collaboration with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Image Credit: Roy Vandervegt


June 2017 - June 2018 ANNUAL REVIEW

Another Year for the Books.


The past year has been an absolute whirlwind at Release Creative. It started with a Helpmann Award nomination then the development of a chamber opera in Holland and finished with the premiere of our first show with a full symphony orchestra.


National touring, an international creative development and a world premiere...


To say it has been a massive 12 months is a slight understatement. It was a pretty exciting year for our company as we saw many conversations which started a few years prior finally come to fruition. Creating new productions is definitely a test to one’s patience so we’re thrilled looking back on the outcomes of the past year.

To kick things off on a high, we were proud to be at the Helpmann Awards after Sven Ratzke’s inspired and critically acclaimed show STARMAN was nominated for a Bobby. A few weeks later we found ourselves in Scotland to relish in the not so sunny summer Edinburgh had on offer. There we scoped out productions in the Edinburgh Fringe and Edinburgh Arts Festival. Zac again directed and produced the Made in Adelaide showcases for Arts SA at Edinburgh Fringe Festival to resounding accolades.

We then had the pleasure of spending a week working with one of our dear colleagues, Charly Zastrau on a creative development in Amsterdam for a new chamber opera. We worked with a number of poets from all over the world to get our creative juices flowing on this work which is still under development. Charly and Ruth spent a few more days together in Helsinki making music and sharing ideas and filmed this beautiful aria, Hypnogogia composed by Charly set to the incomparable Tyler Knott Gregson’s text.



Our collaboration with Sven Ratzke and his wonderful band consisting of Christian Pabst, Florian Friedrich and Haye Jellema continued in 2017 and 2018. STARMAN received a well deserved slew of accolades at Brisbane Festival, Auckland Live, Christchurch Arts Festival, Arts Centre Melbourne and Gold Coast's Home of the Arts. Loyal Ratzke fans were able to soak up Sven's fresh material seeing his latest show HOMME FATALE at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and AMSTERDAM TO MARS to open the cabaret program at Downstairs at the Maj.

June 2018 saw the premiere of  THE STUDIO: 54 REASONS TO PARTY with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra starring Kate Ceberano, Nathaniel Willemse, Ben Mingay and Amy Lehpamer accompanied by vocalists Libby O'Donovan and Brian Ruiz. The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra brought Nicholas Buc's arrangements to life joined by an astoundingly talented emerging Adelaide based band, Er@ser Description. We started developing this production in June 2016 so it was incredible to see our ideas jump off of our pages and pages of notes and onto the stage. The energy beaming out of every single person in the Festival Theatre was electric. It gave us such a buzz to be surrounded by audiences members who couldn’t resist the temptation to jump out of their seats and dance with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

We'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to every person who has made all of the above possible. Here's to another year!








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